The Four Levels of Content Marketing

Four Levels of Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be a little fuzzy if you don’t have a bigger picture about the different levels at which you can operate at. Here we share four levels of Content Marketing for you to consider where you fit best…

One – Create and share your content

Content Marketing starts with you having something to share. Typically, you’ll create this yourself or at least spark the outsourcing of the creation. Then you make it public to assist people with their buying decisions and potentially attract new customers.

Two – Others sharing your content

What’s better than you creating and sharing your content? Having other people share it for you.

Why is this so great? Well, it’s like a free advertisement, except it’s better than an ad. When someone else promotes your content via their website or social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, this is a public endorsement of your content and it puts you in front of their trusted audience.

Three – Being paid for others to access your content

The web is full of free content. Some of it is good, some of it is not. There are also lots of paid content available too either as one-off purchases or as a subscription to a content series. This could range from subscription services such as Book Rapper through to online courses and Kindle ebooks on Amazon.

Four – Being paid for others to access and share your content

In the print world, syndication is a common practice. A cartoonist could create one cartoon and license it to be printed in multiple newspapers. Associated Press (AP) is a news syndication agency. They hire journalists to create news stories that are resold to other agencies and published around the world. Whilst in the online world this is less common, Book Rapper is one example. Book summaries are created and branded for the client to share with their customers.

Which level is right for you? At the least, if you’re going to create content, you’ll want to make it easy for others to share it. Stepping into levels three and four is a different decision that depends on your objectives and your business model.


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