How Content Marketing Works

Voice Recorder

Previously, we defined ‘What is Content Marketing?‘ Now, let’s see how it all works with an example.

Google Search

Recently, my voice recorder started to rattle. And, it eventually stopped working. This meant I had to buy another one. Where do I start? Naturally, I went to Google and searched for ‘Voice recorders’. As I typed it in Google added the extension ‘reviews’.

Bingo! ‘Voice Recorder Reviews’ provided exactly what I wanted – a whole bunch of voice recorders reviewed by people in the know. A number of people had written very specific content to address my question.


Some of these people wanted me to buy directly from them for the goods they were recommending. They might have been selling the voice recorder they manufacture or they may have a retail or online store to sell someone else’s.

Others were creating and sharing the content to obtain other benefits. For instance, an article may have been written to attract people like me to boost traffic, boost their reputation or to sell to me indirectly through ads or affiliate sales.

Help Others

And, that’s the whole point of producing the content – to educate, inform and help people. And, as the old saying goes, ‘Help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want.’

Your Test

To test this out for yourself, do a Google search for something you’re interested in. Notice what results come up. And, in particular, notice that the top search results are mostly there to assist you. There will also be a lot of paid ads on the search results page too. Which one are you likely to click on, the ad or the article?

Once you’ve completed this test, start to create a list of possible content you could provide to help other people.

PS: In case you were wondering, I bought a Zoom H2n and I’m happy with my choice.


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