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Archive | May, 2013

How to Write your Book Faster!

This blog post was inspired by a comment from Corrinne with regard to our earlier post on the slideshow used by the authors of The Plateau Effect to promote their book. Corrinne is writing her own book and jokingly asked for any gems on getting it done faster. So, here’s a general response… Know where…

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What Should I Blog About?

I’m going to be blunt here… The biggest excuse I hear from people procrastinating about Content Marketing is this: “But, I don’t know what to blog about?” If you really want to get the effect, use a really whiney, whingey voice… “But, I don’t know what to blog about?” And when I say ‘blog’ you…

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The Plateau Effect – Slideshow

Here’s an interesting book summary by the authors promoting their book. It reflects what I’ve been saying around Book Rapper for some time… A book is one way to design, build and sell your idea. If you make it the only way you package your idea, your audience will be small. Instead, creates layers of…

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Outsourcing Your Content Creation with Fiverr

I’ve had a few people asking me about the video on yesterday’s post. Here’s the background story… Pete Kvist recently presented a webinar for Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint community on Fiverr. Fiverr Fiverr, as the name suggests, is a website where suppliers offer a service for five dollars. That’s right five dollars. There’s the weird, the…

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Do you have a Business Model Blindspot?

I went to see a movie tonight in Newcastle at Tower Cinema. The movie was Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep (on Wikipedia). It stars Redford and host of other well known actors. It’s about identity past and present. It’s about secrets. And it’s about possibilities. It’s suspenseful and one key character pursues the other.…

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How to Attract Your Ideal Customers

How’s business? Do you have enough clients? And, are they your ideal clients? Previously, we might have advertised to sell our services and attract clients. Today, with the rise of the internet, how we buy things has changed. Mostly, we ignore advertisements. We know they’re biased. Instead, we seek out information from experts willing to share their…

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