Outsourcing Your Content Creation with Fiverr

I’ve had a few people asking me about the video on yesterday’s post. Here’s the background story…

Pete Kvist recently presented a webinar for Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint community on Fiverr.


Fiverr, as the name suggests, is a website where suppliers offer a service for five dollars. That’s right five dollars. There’s the weird, the wacky and the wonderful. You can have people clean up a photo in Photoshop, create a timeline image for your Facebook page and even have a puppet create an ad for you. Naturally, I had to try this out. So I had a puppet ad created for my upcoming Content Marketing Masterclass…

Here’s the ad…


Professor Puppet

Well, what do you think? If you want a similar here’s Professor Puppet’s details on Fiverr. I think it’s an absolute hoot! It’s light, it’s entertaining. And, it sends a message. I shared it at a Content Marketing workshop I was running last week and it got a good laugh. Even better, it showed what could be done quickly, cheaply and easily.

I will admit… It did cost more than five bucks though. I used more than the $5 limit for words and I wanted it done quickly. I originally paid $5 then gave a tip of $15. That’s $20 well spent and still a bargain.

So far the response to it has been fabulous. Love to hear your thoughts on this fancy and funny little video.

Two Questions…

  • Which parts of your Content Creation can you outsource?
  • Which of these can you have done on Fiverr for a few dollars?


How to Create a New Income Stream in 28 days using Content Marketing
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