What Should I Blog About?

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I’m going to be blunt here… The biggest excuse I hear from people procrastinating about Content Marketing is this: “But, I don’t know what to blog about?”

If you really want to get the effect, use a really whiney, whingey voice…

“But, I don’t know what to blog about?”

And when I say ‘blog’ you can swap this for write, speak, record, make, draw, curate…

Excuses, Language and Customers

I interpret this in a couple of ways…

Firstly, it’s either an excuse or a poor use of language. If you were really keen to get started on your Content Marketing then you’d turn this whinge into a question. “Can you help me, I don’t know what to write about’.

Secondly, it tells me you’re not focussed on your customer. The number one most important thing that you can ever write about is ‘What does my ideal client need to know?’

The Simplest Example

And, the simplest example is this…

‘Earlier today I was meeting with a client and they asked this really great question…’

What are you selling?

Remember, Content Marketing is the sharing of your expertise to assist people in their buying decisions. Ideally, this means people will buy from you.

So… what are you selling? And what do people need to know to make an informed buying decision to purchase from you or someone similar?

For example, me. I help people design, build and sell their ideas. One part of that is Content Marketing. Therefore, I talk about Content Marketing. Do this, don’t do this, watch out for this…

Share Your Interactions

And, one of the best ways to position what you do is to use examples that you’re experiencing everyday. Simply share the interactions you have with your customers. This is your chance to show your expertise. Plus, it will tell your listeners who you work with and the type of work you do.

Recently I was working with a business coach who wanted to attract more leads for her business. We are using Content Marketing to do this and…


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