Six Books I Like

Here’s six books that I like. And, it’s likely that one of these six will be RAPPED in our next Book Rapper issue. Leave your comment below as to which one appeals to you… 9 Things Successful People Do Differently Plus : Succeed : How We Can Achieve Our Goals Leadership Category : Self Leadership […]

Strategic Innovation and Business Model Design

Book Rapper Public Webinar Can’t enough around innovation and business model design? Well, here’s one more thing… Last week we released the first issue in our new Book Rapper series: “The Business Model Game” It’s derived from Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur’s book Business Model Generation. And, this week we had our subscribers webinar discussing […]

The Book Rapper Promotional Postcards

The four essential elements to create a Promotional Postcard Promotional postcards are a great way to stand out in an era of digital technology and social media because they are counter to or opposite to what most people are doing. In this example, I share a recent promotional postcard I created for the Book Rapper […]

How to Create a Promotional Flyer

I’ve been creating a promotional flyer for Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint conference that I’m attending this week in Sydney. Thought I’d share my line of thinking for how I’d created my flyer… What’s My Objective? Before I design anything I always what to know what I’m out to achieve. You need this to focus your attention […]

Books Just Merged With Everything

Following from our previous post “The Outside the Book“, I want to explore the comment by Gihan Perera. Gihan mentioned “documents with interactive multimedia”. It prompted me to think of two sources… 1 Marshall McLuhan Most famous in the 1960’s for his book “The Medium is the Massage”. Still worth reading today! He’s been one of […]

Stop Doing That and Start Being Effective

Your Invitation to our next and possibly last Ideas Lunch… Be More Effective In today’s world there is an ever increasing rate of work. We have moments of stress, confusion, anxiety or possibly worse. How do we cope with these days? Is there a way to find the “calm in the storm”? Is there a […]

Think Outside The Book

Following from our previous post “Can a Book Summary Be Worth More Than The Book?” we ask all our authors reading this: Why are you writing your book? From an author’s point of view, you may dearly love everyone to read your book from cover to cover. However, which is better… for one person to […]

Chip Kidd talks about Book Cover Design

How do you design a cover for a book? I’ve confronted this challenge a number of times with my dozen books. The obvious thought and the default for many books (you only have to look at your own library of books) is to simply put the title in big bold letters on the cover, add […]

The E-Book Revolution by Gihan Perera

Given I’m re-inventing Book Rapper at the moment, I’m on the look out for comments, thoughts and takes on books, e-books and publishing. Here’s a webinar and interesting take on ebooks by Internet Coach Gihan Perera. It’s called The E-Book Revolution. He makes the point that instead of selling ebooks for their own sake, the […]

Book Rapper Hits 50,000 Downloads

Stunning News! This very morning, the 50,000th issue of Book Rapper has just been downloaded. How cool is that! What this means is… This is the number of Book Rapper issues downloaded from the Book Rapper web server according to the web stats. It doesn’t include issues downloaded from other websites, passed on by email or […]