Think Outside The Book

Think Outside The Book

Following from our previous post “Can a Book Summary Be Worth More Than The Book?” we ask all our authors reading this: Why are you writing your book?

From an author’s point of view, you may dearly love everyone to read your book from cover to cover.

However, which is better… for one person to read it cover to cover or ten people to read a summary of it?

If you’re relying on book sales to feed the family, the bank and your dog, then one person might be better than ten.

However, if your book is merely a way to taste test your ideas and your thinking and thereby sell your services, ten people would be better than one.

Type Casting

This line of thinking is known as ‘type-casting’. It comes from the movie, theatre, TV arena and it’s when we think of an actor so strongly associated with one role we almost can’t imagine them in any other role. Think Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter. Jackie Chan playing in action movies. Or almost anyone out of Star Trek.

Think Outside The Book

In publishing ideas, the same line of thought occurs. We immediately jump to ‘book’ as the way to the publish, package and sell the idea.

With the rise of the iPad, the Internet, the smartphone, it’s time to ‘think outside the book’.

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