Can a Book Summary Be Worth More than The Book?

flood of information

I’ve been having some interesting conversations with people about books. Or more specifically, the value and pricing of books. All relative to ‘What’s Book Rapper worth?’

One the one hand we have the view that if the full book is say $20, then because the book summary is less than the full book it should naturally be less in price. This is logical, natural and common-sensical.

Yet it is also flawed. It presumes that more is better.

In an age when ideas and information were scarce, more would be better. And, you’d expect to pay more for more words. Except, we now live in a world where ideas and information are plentiful. In fact, it’s closer to a flood. And in times of flood, you don’t need more…

What you need instead is clarity and brevity. And a good book summary can provide this better than the full book.

Therefore, perhaps the book summary is more valuable than the book…

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