Stop Doing That and Start Being Effective

Your Invitation to our next and possibly last Ideas Lunch…

Be More Effective

In today’s world there is an ever increasing rate of work. We have moments of stress, confusion, anxiety or possibly worse. How do we cope with these days? Is there a way to find the “calm in the storm”? Is there a way to stop doing unproductive things and start being more effective?

Today we will discuss the reason why do we fall back into bad habits, why our world seems out of control and how we can create lasting productive habits easily and simply.

Jon Yeo
Your Guest Presenter

Jon Yeo is passionate about success. In particular “what causes someone to do (or not do) the things that really matter”. He studies concepts like “how the mind works”, “what is success”, “where is passion” and “how does one tap into potential?”

With Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor as mentors, Jon combines 20+ years of cutting edge research with his 12+ years working with Fortune 500 companies locally and internationally. These include Microsoft, IBM, HP, Norwich Union (now Aviva) , Ford, General Motors, Telstra as well as many local and international Government departments.

Today, Jon speaks and consults on mindset, inspiration and productivity in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Singapore. Jon is also the curator for TEDxMelbourne, an independently licensed event of

Jon’s Website:

The Lunch

  • When: Wednesday, 9th May 2012
  • Time: 12:30pm to 2pm
  • Where: Hotel Urban, 35-37 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
  • Google Map:
  • How Much : $40, includes GST
  • Includes : Lunch, Networking, Presentation

Ideas Book
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