Three Ways to Attract More Clients

Three Ways to Attract More ClientsHow do you attract your clients? Here’s three ways you could attract more clients…

1 Content Marketing

Book Rapper issues have now been downloaded more than 48,000 times! And that’s only the ones directly downloaded from the Book Rapper website. Many more have been passed along by readers or downloaded from other sites. Plus, I regularly meet people who introduce themselves and announce they’re Book Rapper fans. Do you think this is good for business? You bet!

This is an example of a content marketing strategy. You produce blog posts, ebooks, audio interviews, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, etc to build your credibility and attract potential clients.

2 Running Events

The Ideas Lunch has morphed a couple of times… It started as a face-to-face lunchtime event with me presenting content from the most recent Book Rapper issue. The current format consists of a combination of webinars – a virtual seminar and a face to face lunch event with guest presenters.

These are examples of running events to attract clients. They are usually a mix of providing value through sharing ideas and providing a place for people to meet each other and network. Plus they can be either online/virtual or face-to-face.

3 Creating Products

When I talk to most people about products their minds immediately turn to books. I love books. And, whilst I’ve self-published four of my own books, depending upon your outcome, there are better opportunities out there. Think board games, card games, iPhone apps, ebooks, online courses, fridge magnets, personalised worksheets, off the shelf products and desktop displays.

The big advantage of products is that you can attract new clients and earn money at the same time. The downside is they usually take some investment in design and construction.

More on How to Attract More Clients

Here’s a couple of ways to get more around these three ways to attack more clients:

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