Building A Brickwall

I’m often asked, “How can you justify the time, effort and energy to blog everyday?”

Here’s four ways I could respond…

1 I’m not writing a blog, I’m writing a book

Generally, I’m writing about stuff that I will at some point collect into a book, ebook, online course or something similar. So… how many blog posts make a book? Perhaps 100 or 200. The key here is to have a plan for your book before you start blogging.

2 I’m not writing a blog, I’m attracting new clients

Each blog post is another way to be found on Google. And, if I can be found, it could lead to a new client. The key here is to blog about the issues that your current or ideal clients have. If you can address their issue, they may contact you for more.

3 I’m not writing a blog, I’m practising how to design and share ideas.

One of my favourite Book Rapper issues is Anti-Self-Help. It’s a summary of both Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and Geoff Colvin’s Talent is Overrated. A big part of Colvin’s book is about Deliberate Practice. This is the practice you intentionally do to build skills. My blogs are my daily practise in: creating headlines, coming up with ideas, packaging an idea and shipping it.

4 I’m not writing a blog, I’m keeping myself on track.

A public commitment is a powerful thing. It calls me into action. It calls me to ship when I don’t want to. It calls me to do the things I said I would. Blogging each day keeps me working toward my goals – writing books, creating ideas, making a difference…

My question for you is: Why are you blogging?

Or, a better question is: What are you building with your blog?

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