Six Books I Like

Here’s six books that I like. And, it’s likely that one of these six will be RAPPED in our next Book Rapper issue. Leave your comment below as to which one appeals to you…

Heidi Grant Halvorson : 9 Things Successful People Do Differently9 Things Successful People Do Differently

Plus : Succeed : How We Can Achieve Our Goals

Leadership Category : Self Leadership

Heidi Grant Halvorson : The original blog post for this book holds the Harvard Business Review record for most page views in the history of the website.

More on Amazon – 9 Things

More on Amazon – Succeed

Jim Stengel : GrowGrow : How Ideas Power Growth and Profit at the World’s 50 Greatest Companies

Leadership Category : Plan

Jim Stengel, former direct of market at Proctor and Gamble. This book is derived from a ten year study of over 50,000 companies. Consider it the successor to Built to Last.

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Chris Brogan : Google+ For BusinessGoogle+ For Business : How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything

Leadership Category : Engage

Chris Brogan : Highly respected blogger and author. And Google+ is a hot topic – it’s useful because it’s another social network that you employ to interact with your audience. Even more valuable because of the bonus impact this has on your Google ranking.

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Little Bets : How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries

Leadership Category : Innovate

Peter Sims : Widely researched and filled with practical actions. It also quells the motivation issue. No need to invest big time and big money into innovation. Instead, it suggests starting small will get you better results.

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David Meerman Scott : Real-Time Marketing and PRReal Time Marketing : How to Engage Your Market, Connect With Customers and Create New Product that Grow Your Business

Leadership Category : Market

David Meerman Scott, best selling author of New Rules of Marketing and PR. The real-time marketing approach takes the spin out of Social Media and provide a bottom-line reason why you need to adopt it.

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Micah Sifry : Wikileaks and the Age of TransparencyWikileaks and the Age of Transparency

Leadership Category : Big Ideas

Micah L Sifry : Wikileaks represents a new era in information technology and openness in relationship.

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