Book Rapper Hits 50,000 Downloads

50,000 Book Rapper Downloads

Stunning News! This very morning, the 50,000th issue of Book Rapper has just been downloaded. How cool is that!

What this means is…

This is the number of Book Rapper issues downloaded from the Book Rapper web server according to the web stats. It doesn’t include issues downloaded from other websites, passed on by email or printed and passed on. It doesn’t mean 50,000 different people have downloaded the issues. Just over 14,000 separate downloads have occurred. It probably mean at least 10,000 people have downloaded issues.

What this really means is…

A lot of people are liking Book Rapper. Thank you for your support! And, I hope you’re not just downloading them, I hope you’re reading them too! LOL!

Now, here’s the cool part…

I get to brag about this achievement in my marketing and promotional material. This is one of my key indicators of success. What are your key indicators of success? And, what do you brag about in your business?

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