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Seven Big Ideas You Can’t Ignore in 2012

Seven Big Ideas

What are the big ideas that are going to have the biggest impact on you and your business in 2012?

  • Is it social media and Google+ or Pinterest?
  • Is it the demise of the US and the rise of BRIC?
  • Is Julia Gillard a big idea?
  • What about Wikileaks? What impact will this have on you in 2012?

In our first Book Rapper webinar for 2012, we share seven big ideas as derived from seven important business books. And, we discuss how they’ll impact you and your business this year.

Join Us For This Webinar

  • Thursday March 15
  • 12:30pm to 1:15pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia)
  • We will start at 12:35pm.

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