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How to create a winning blog attitude

Here’s our fifth slideshow RAP of We Blog: How to Create Your Own Media Channel.It’s derived from Michael A Bank’s Blogging Heroes. This RAP looks at “Blog Being”. As in any good conversation your way of being in the world shapes what you say and the response you get. In the blogosphere, the same applies. […]

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The Financial Berlin Wall Comes Down!

Book Rapper has been following closely the Global Financial Meltdown. I still haven’t found a definitive book on this to RAP and today’s events explain why… It’s all still unfolding. G20 SUMMIT At the G20 summit, world leaders have announced a financial plan that’s the equivalent of the Berlin Wall being dismantled. Their plan signals […]

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Our Must Read Business Books List

Hopefully, by now you’ve worked it out. Our previous post 12 Must Read Business Books was an April Fools Day Hoax. Hope you got a laugh, I know I did creating the list. If you want more, here’s a link to the Top 100 April Fools Hoaxes of All Time or here’s our 10 Hot […]

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12 Must Read Business Books

Here’s the Book Rapper 12 Must Read Business Books for April 2009… Good to Broke: Why some companies completely mess things up and others don’tJim Collins The Zero Hour Work Week: How to spend your time waiting for the Post-Global Financial Meltdown recoveryTimothy Ferriss Book Yourself Silly: The fastest, easiest and most reliable system for […]

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The Five Most Important Questions

Just finished reading Peter Drucker’s The Five Most Important Questions. It reminds me of an old story… A business executive returns to college to meet up with his favourite professor who is approaching retirement age. The exec arrives a little early and sits in on the last part of the professor’s lecture. Later over coffee, […]

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Fixing my Social Media Mistakes

Following up my previous post… My blog posted okay to (1) Blogger, (2) Linked In (3) Thought Leaders Central, but not to Facebook. 3 out of 4 was a good start.If anyone can tell me how to post it to Facebook I’d appreciate it. To manage my other social media conversations I scored a copy […]

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My Big Social Media Mistake

I’ve been making a big mistake around Social Media. I’ve been posting a few blog entries. I’ve been doing Facebook. Started on Twitter. Added slideshows and book reviews on LinkedIn. Even said “I like it” on StumbleUpon. I’ve been playing the social media game but doing it all completely wrong. I realised what I was […]

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How to Get Traffic to your Blog

Here’s our fourth slideshow RAP of We Blog: How to Create Your Own Media Channel.It’s derived from Michael A Bank’s Blogging Heroes. This RAP looks at “Blog Traffic”. With so many blogs out there, who’s going to read yours? And, how are they going to find you? We look at four traffic strategies for your […]

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Brand Worship: How to Turn Your Customers into a Cult Following

Here’s our slideshow introduction for our latest RAP: Brand Worship: How to turn your customers into a Cult Following.It’s derived from Douglas Atkin’s The Culting of Brands.We look at: Belonging, Meaning, Touching, Leading, Committing, Demonizing, Building and more…Have a click and let me know what you think… Book Rapper Brand Worship View more presentations from […]

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