Redesigning Work and Organizations for the Digital Age (4)

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Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable


Redesigning Work and Organizations for the Digital Age (3)

Traditional big-media technologies like TV, newspapers, advertising and PR promoted one-way conversations.
The internet and d
igital technologies have replaced this with two-way conversations.
This is a significant shift that requires organizations to be re
-designed to listen, initiate, enable and participate in conversations internally and externally with customers and suppliers.
This is crucial for getting things done.

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In an era of dramatic change and global hyper-competition, the need for design, innovation, growth and learning within an organization is crucial.
A decentralized structure allows innovation to be embedded in the DNA of the organization through crowdsourcing and micro-business units.

Crowdsourcing is also central to brand building as it engages the customer almost to the point of own
And, building a design thinking culture and work practices unites internal teams.

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