Book #5: Seth Godin’s Linchpin in 26 Tweets

A book in 26 Tweets… Here’s our summary of Seth Godin’s Linchpin.

Derived from…

Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable


How to Be Purple You

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Linchpin in 26 Tweets


5A The Book : Purple You is derived from: Seth Godin, #Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

5B Big Idea : Industrial Age: standard workers for standard factory jobs making standard products. Today, it’s be remarkable or be invisible

5C Speed RAP : Seth’s Purple Cow said we needed a remarkable product to get ahead. For your career to thrive today YOU need to be remarkable

5D Your Challenge : Be a Purple Cow! Be Purple You! Be an artist not a cog. Share your art, your gift, your remarkable abilities.

5E Book Review : Big picture career advice for the Digital Age. It’s not enough just to show up anymore. Be the vital, essential, indispensible linchpin.

5F @BookRapper Thinks… Seth’s best! Another must-read. Confirmation Book Rapper is on the right path.

5G Work has changed. Gone are the average people completing average work. Now we need remarkable people doing remarkable work. RU up 4 it?

5H Business used to profit by being cheaper: bland products, automation, outsourcing. No more! Now be faster, more remarkable and more human

5I Previously, you had to be compliant to keep your job. Now your laptop is the production process and your in charge.

5J Two scams made us cogs: Education will get you a good job AND consume lots of stuff to keep the economy growing and avoid over-production

5K Factory and Cubicle work is like school. Sit down, shut up and follow the instructions. Pass our tests and we’ll promote you. Maybe.

5L Cogs : show up, wait for instructions, faceless, conform, be compliant, suppress your emotions/thoughts, suck it up + do what you’re told

5M Linchpins : create art, be remarkable, exude personality, create the map, express yourself, connect others, make it happen, care

5N Becoming a Linchpin starts with accepting you’re a genius. You only have to do it once to prove you can. Now, learn to do it more often.

5O Being a Linchpin is not about quitting your job. It’s about being an artist and doing great work in your current job or business.

5P Do I need a CV? Depends on the job. CVs are a standardized way to screen out standardized candidates applying for standardized jobs.

5Q Real Artists : deliver results, stand up + stand out, create the map, cause change, are human, do the work + do it with the tools at hand

5R What’s your art? Link people, manage complexity, make smart decisions, create new things, lead customers, inspire teams…

5S Capitalism is changing: giving a gift is becoming more important in the digital economy because the cost of sharing is so low.

5T When you design your art to make money you pollute it. Create art for art’s sake. Then work out how to monetize it.

Purple You - Your New Career5U When you perform your art you’ll attract some fans. Grow them into a tribe and the commerce will follow.

5V When faced with a new challenge we’re bound to meet some resistance from our lizard brains. Notice it happening + choose your response.

5W The opposite of resistance is shipping. Steve Jobs once said: Real Artists Ship. That’s your new mission: finish, deliver, ship.

5X Make time to ship by going on an internet diet. Limit email checking to five times a day. Same goes for social media.

5Y WANT MORE? Get the complete @BookRapper issue: Purple You,

5Z Want even MORE? Read Seth’s blog. And, buy his book! #Linchpin: Are you indispensable?

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