Your New Career Audit: Are You a Linchpin?

Are You a Linchpin?What do you need to make your career remarkable?

To find out if you’re a replaceable cog or an indispensable linchpin, rate yourself with these nine questions.

Colour in the circle of the response that best fits your career.

? Are you resisting, avoiding and chickening out? Or, are you shipping product, producing results and making a visible difference?
? Are you conforming, complying and sucking it up to fit in? Or, are you standing up for what you believe in and standing out because you shine?
? Are you being told what to do, following instructions and being good? Or, are you creating a fresh path, drawing a new map and leading the way?
? Are you waiting for the right time to step up and shine? Or, are you going for it,  grabbing the bull by the horns and making hay while the sun shines?
? Are you protecting and maintaining the status quo? Or, are you actively creating change, challenging the past and causing the future?
? Are you turning up to work in your body only? Or, is your mind, body and soul fully present, alive and flourishing at work?
? Are you suppressing your thoughts, emotions and opinions? Or, are you expressing yourself freely, openly and authentically?
? Are you turning up to get paid, count the hours and make it to the weekend? Or, are you putting in the time, committing yourself and fully devoted to your work?
? Are you a cog that could be easily replaced? Or, are you indispensable, producing remarkable work and an essential member of your organization?


What did you notice about your responses? What might you do differently?

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