Smart Growth: Superlinks to Everything

Derived from both… Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop Book Website: Author’s Website: Andy Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing Book Website: Author’s Website: Andy’s other website: Our Blog Posts 1 Speed RAP, The Big Idea, Your Challenge 2 BR Review: Viral Loop 3 BR Review: Word of Mouth Marketing […]

Smart Growth: The Twit Rapper Movie

You’ve read the tweets in  our previous blog post now see the movie… Adam Penenberg’s Viral Loops and Andy Sernovitz’s Word of Mouth Marketing Tweets Summary as a Movie. YouTube Link: See more Twit Rapper Movies:  

Smart Growth: A Summary in 26 Tweets N-Z

Here’s the second 13 tweets of our Book Summary… N 6N Six T’s of #WOM Marketing: Triggers = why Talkers = who Topics = what Tools = how Taking Part = join in Tracking = results O 6O Get smart! Multiply your customers by designing your product to spread the message as it is used. […]

Smart Growth: A Summary in 26 Tweets A-M

Here’s the first 13 tweets of our Book Summary… A 6A Smart Growth: How to Multiply Your Customers, Derived from: Adam L @Penenberg, #ViralLoop AND Andy @Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing #WOM B 6B Speed RAP: Key to multiplying your customers is to enable them to spread your word further, faster + freely. Explode via […]

13 Business Characteristics for Viral Growth

Derived from… Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop PROFIT : How do you create a business that reaches new customers quickly, scales up rapidly and has the potential to earn a huge amount of money in a short period of time? Here’s 13 business characteristics you’ll need to consider to make this happen. 1 Free Adding […]

Stacking Networks to Create Double Viral Loops

Derived from… Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop PROFIT : Double Viral Loops occur when one network is linked, stacked or piggybacked onto another. As one grows, so does the other. The key is the partnership fit. You need to be offering something highly desirable for the other network. And, ideally something they can’t easily create […]

Two Examples of Viral Networks

Derived from… Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop Ebay Ebay was one of the first internet networks to create it’s own ecosystem. Now, more than a million people worldwide earn their sole income as eBay sellers. Add to this the millions of buyers and the forest of other suppliers offering products, postage and packaging. As the […]

Four Qualities of Viral Networks

Derived from… Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop PROFIT : It’s likely you’re a member of one or more viral networks. They’re clusters of people congregating together to share things they create themselves. Many, such as Facebook and Twitter, are growing at exponential rates. Here’s some clues as to what’s driving them. 1 Network Effects Cars […]

Book Rapper Review: Viral Loops

The Book Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop: The Power of Pass-It-On, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 2009. Précis Business growth doesn’t need to be linear anymore. Instead, it can be exponential. If you want to multiply the value and quantity of your customer base in a very short period of time create viral loops, networks and […]