Smart Growth: A Summary in 26 Tweets A-M

Smart Growth: How to Multiply Your CustomersHere’s the first 13 tweets of our Book Summary…


6A Smart Growth: How to Multiply Your Customers, Derived from: Adam L @Penenberg, #ViralLoop AND Andy @Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing #WOM


6B Speed RAP: Key to multiplying your customers is to enable them to spread your word further, faster + freely. Explode via the internet thru viral loops + networks


6C The Big Idea: Decentralize your marketing. Design your marketing message, products, processes and systems to spread the word for you.


6D Your Challenge: Design a pass-it-on strategy and let it loose… Double your customer base inside six months!


6E Book Review: @Penenberg, #viralloop: Business growth doesn’t need to be linear anymore. Go Ex! Exponential! Create a #viralloop


6F Book Rapper Thinks… Adam’s #viralloop is an intriguing idea-sparker that cuts to the success drivers of today’s business


6G Book Review2: @Sernovitz #WOM is a low-cost, easy way to build upon the things that people are already saying about you + your business.


6H Book Rapper Thinks 2... @Sernovitz Andy’s #WOM book is filled with simple models, everyday explanations and a forest of examples.


6I Traditional marketing tries to control the message. Decentralized marketing designs the message to spread and lets it go.


6J Five ways to Multiply Your Customers: Direct Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, Viral Loops, Viral Networks and Double Viral Loops


6K Decentralized marketing works best when it is: repeatable, spreadable, self-replicating, uses multiple nodes and multiple networks


6L WOM is simply getting people talking. We all do it every day. WOM Marketing is getting people talking to fulfil your marketing objective.


6M #WOM Rules: Be interesting, make it easy, make people happy and earn trust + respect.


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