Seven Step Word of Mouth Marketing Action Plan

WOM Six StepsDerived from…
Andy Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing

PROFIT : It’s time to stop talking and start thinking so we and others can more effectively talk… It’s time to develop your Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy… Follow our seven steps to profit.

1 Trigger

Explore the three reasons people might be talking about you. Discuss ways to enhance each of these.

  • Is it about YOU?
  • Is it about THEM?
  • Is it about US?

2 Talkers

Define the people who will talk about you because they want to. Start with those who are  already talking about you.
And, define the people who have a self-interest in talking about you. For instance, your employees.

3 Topics

Identify at least five topics you can quickly and easily seed for others to talk about. Select one and start creating the conversation.

4 Tools

Identify at least five tools you can quickly and easily use for others to talk about you. Select one and  implement it.

5 Taking Part

Identify at least five ways you can join in the conversation. Select one, listen for a bit and then join in the fun.

6 Tracking

Identify at least five ways to track the things people are saying about. Select one and open your ears to hear what’s being said.

7 Take Action

Implement your plan to find out what really works.

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