Smart Growth: A Summary in 26 Tweets N-Z

Smart Growth: How to Multiply Your CustomersHere’s the second 13 tweets of our Book Summary…


6N Six T’s of #WOM Marketing: Triggers = why Talkers = who Topics = what Tools = how Taking Part = join in Tracking = results


6O Get smart! Multiply your customers by designing your product to spread the message as it is used. Eg Hotmail


6P Design your product to spread your message: think transaction touchpoints and the trail left behind after a transaction.


6Q Viral Loops are decentralized referral systems designed to self-replicate. Think Tupperware, Ponzi schemes and Hotmail email signatures


6R Viral Loops rely on positive feedback loops. Think compound interest. Earn interest on your interest. Grow exponentially.


6S To make Viral Loops happen: design for quick and easy adoption plus build-in a way to pass-it-on


6T Viral Networks grow when multiple connections link around multiple nodes. Think eBay linking buyers and sellers.


6U Viral Networks are designed to connect groups of people. As users provide content the value of the network expands rapidly. Eg Flickr


6V To build a Viral Network give users the tools to create content and make it easy to link people and info.


6W Double Viral Loops are networks built onto other networks. As eBay grew, the numbers who used PayPal grew too.


6X To build a Double Viral Loop identify networks to stack or piggyback your network onto. Flickr grew as blogging grew.


6Y WANT MORE? Get the complete Book Rapper issue: Smart Growth:


6Z Want even MORE? Buy the books! Viral Loops and Word of Mouth Marketing. Both are worth it!


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