Book Rapper Review: Viral Loops

Adam Penenberg's Viral LoopThe Book

Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop: The Power of Pass-It-On, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 2009.


Business growth doesn’t need to be linear anymore. Instead, it can be exponential. If you want to multiply the value and quantity of your customer base in a very short period of time create viral loops, networks and double viral loops.


? Plenty of great stories and case studies about the formation of many of the current stars. Including: Facebook, MySpace, Hotmail, Ning, PayPal, eBay and Flickr.
? Interesting comments on the state of the net.
? Intriguing discussion of the pursuit of the next great advertising unit – a billion dollar idea!


This book presents a new way of designing business for the digital era. It provides the clues for creating the next eBay, Flickr or Facebook. Are you up for it?

Who’s It’s For

Business thinkers and entrepreneurs wanting to create and grow organization in new and spectacular ways.

Adam L Penenberg

Adam’s previous two books are being made into movies!
He was portrayed by Steve Zahn in the movie Shattered Glass. A story of a journalist’s fraudulent articles.
And, Michael Douglas’s production company is currently making his next book, Tragic Indifference into a movie. It’s the story of one man’s battle against the auto industry and the dangers of SUVs.
Penenberg is an assistant professor of journalism at New York University.
He continues to write for Fast Company.


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Find out how much you are worth in dollars to Facebook – My value: $83.40! LOL!
The Book’s iPhone App  : Trade in a predictive market to determine the possible value of today’s Web 2.0 companies.
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Book Rapper Thinks…

An intriguing idea-sparker that cuts to the success drivers of today’s business. Shhh! I need some reflection time to see how Book Rapper can profit from these ideas… Mmm… Verrrry interesting…

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