How to be more creative today [Neuroscience Hack]

Be More Creative Today - Neuroscience

How can you be more creative today? ? Today, I’m giving you a simple neuroscience hack that you can apply to refresh yourself across your entire life. It’s also the key to being more creative in your personal life, your business life and throughout your career. Best of all, you can apply it today, right […]

The Five to 25 Times Better Content Marketing Strategy

The Five to 25 times better Content Marketing Strategy

For a lot of businesses and individual thoughts leaders publishing content is an important part of their marketing strategy. But what’s the best content marketing strategy for you? The right strategy can lead to fast results, but the wrong strategy can lead to frustration from the wasted effort and the lack of results. In this […]

Keith Keller – Crack the Twitter Code

Keith Keller - Crack the Twitter Code

Do you get Twitter? And, I don’t mean do you know what it does. Instead, I mean do you get Twitter such that you can use it to produce real, concrete and tangible results in your business? In Episode 72 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we talk with one of the world’s top Twitter experts, […]

Irma Zimmermann: Online Branding

Irma Zimmermann

Irma Zimmermann In this episode of the Ideas Architect podcast we talk with Irma Zimmerman. Irma has international experience in graphic design, advertising and creating brand identities. Currently she is based in Melbourne and works around the three overlapping areas of: Design websites Social media technology Brand Identity Topic: Website and Online Branding Here are […]

Ten things to review to see if you are out of date

Are you out of date? Planner 2013

  On the weekend I was doing a spring clean. (Even though it’s not actually Spring in Australia). Along the way, I found an unopened Year Planner in mint condition. I thought ‘this could be useful’ until I realized that it was a Year Planner for 2013. Mmm… that’s two years ago. Not much use […]

The Unlimited Ideas Podcast

One of my great strengths is my ability to come up with ideas. Whilst I appear to do it with ease, there is some method to my creative genius. Coming up with new thought is crucial for innovation and content marketing. You want to create fresh content for your blog, your podcast, your social media […]

The Power of ‘Us’

The Power of Us

Previously, I wrote about my word for the year ‘Us’. And, I’m already finding it’s working it’s way into my daily thoughts and my plans for this year. Here are four ways you can use this to your advantage: 1 Include Others I’m now actively looking for ways to include others rather than playing my […]

The Best Social Media Case Study

When I talk to clients and colleagues about social media, there is one question that almost always gets asked: “Can you suggest some examples that are like our situation?” My impolite answer is usually “No.” Well, I don’t usually say this, and I most certainly don’t just say that. My interpretation of what is really […]

Should I Do Social Media If My Clients Don’t?

A question that keeps popping up on our Ideas Marketing webinars and my personal conversations with coaching clients and colleagues is: Should I do social media if my clients don’t? I usually answer along these lines… Absolutely – we all can benefit from doing social media as a means to promoting, educating and selling to […]

27 Social Media Lessons From Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Here’s all the links of the 27+1 lessons and actions you can employ in your online campaign today. Pick one to implement and profit from. Then another and another until you’re President of the Free World… Or you’ve achieved your goal. Where are we going? 1 Marry Campaign & Structure 2 Design For Consistency 3 […]