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27 Social Media Lessons From Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Here’s all the links of the 27+1 lessons and actions you can employ in your online campaign today. Pick one to implement and profit from. Then another and another until you’re President of the Free World… Or you’ve achieved your goal.

Social Media Lessons from Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign

Where are we going?

1 Marry Campaign & Structure

2 Design For Consistency

3 Focus on What Matters

Why are we doing this?

4 Tell Your Story

5 Blog To Share and Include

6 Video Your Story Into Life

Are we there yet?

7 Measure Engagement

8 Create Frequent Small Campaigns

9 Analyse Everything

What are we talking about?

10 Define the Conversation

11 Create Meaningful Content

12 Lead by Example

Can I say something?

13 Connect With Email

14 Mobilize Up Your Ladder

15 Go Neighbour to Neighbour

Will you join with me?

16 Tap into the Existing

17 Offer the Right Incentives

18 Provide Portable Engagement

Can I play?

19 Enable Supporters to Interact

20 Leverage Creativity

21 Provide Clear Roles

Can you help me?

22 Provide Training

23 Let Advocates Support You

24 Learn From Your Supporters

Can I share?

25 Ask Supporters Questions

26 Leverage Comments

27 Support User Generated Content


28 Close Your Campaign with Grace

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