Part 28 of 27 (unplanned bonus) Social Media Lessons From Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Obama’s Campaign reached its target and stopped – leaving his supporters a little disappointed.

Part 28 of 27 Social Media Lessons from Barack Obama's Presidential Campain

The entire focus and attention of all the activities of the Obama campaign was to get people to vote and have him be President. And, it worked! The campaign went from ‘Yes We Can’ to ‘Yes We Did!’

Unfortunately, there’s also a third phase, ‘Then We Didn’t Anymore’. It appears that since being elected and taking up residency in the White House, the team that got him there has disbanded and along with it almost all direct communication.

Whilst most followers probably expected some changes to their interactions with the new President a complete halt was not one of them. Even worse, this end to the conversation hasn’t been communicated to his followers. Coupled with the political struggles in Congress, many are now feeling less than satisfied. The hope that inspired the campaign is now fading.

Actions : If your campaign is intended to reach a goal and close, then build that into your design. And, make sure this is communicated.

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