Inform: The Motor Car

Google's Driverless Car

Information drives our awareness and understanding of what is happening in our world. It’s not new. Human beings have known and shared stuff ever since our ancestors started grunting at each other. Then along came writing which let us capture what was said so others could read it minutes, days and even thousands of years […]

Marketing Trends

14 Marketing Trends

This is an extract from the Book Rapper issue Marketing Now-How which is derived from Seth Godin’s brilliant book Meatball Sundae. 14 Marketing Trends Fourteen trends are redefining marketing. What’s the Big Idea Attract the Interested Slice and Dice Strengthen AND Outsource Scarce OR Abundant Cheap OR Best Hits to Niches Infinite Channels Authentic Stories […]

Ideal Work Trends

Whilst most of us spend our days sitting at the desk slaving away at a computer, there are three significant workplace trends that suggest this might not be your future. And, alternatives are already here. Mobile Everything From Visual to Auditory Sitting is the New Smoking Plus, this all becomes very interesting when you combine […]

Innovation Lessons: World’s Fastest Bike

Innovation Lessons from the World's Fastest Bike

It’s coming around to that time of year again when I stay up late to watch perhaps the most spectacular sporting events in the world: Le Tour De France. And, in the spirit of cycling and innovation we share ten innovation lessons from the creation of Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS bike that Mark Cavendish and […]

Seven Disruption Design Principles

Seven Disruption Design Principles

Here are the seven principles from my new-old book Every New Thing… I’ve been thinking of them as design principles for new products and services. And, given they could create revolutionary products I’m calling them disruption design principles… 1 Inform: tell me something Definition: Things that inform us, educate us, we can learn from In […]

Innovation Design Principles

Cisco Chairman, John Chambers

Previously I introduced my book from 2001, Every New Product. And, my intention to update it based on current events. Thus, my new old book… And, this will be my basic theme for my blog for the near future. Today I want to share the underlying concept behind the book: Design Principles The Need for […]

My New Old Book

Previously, I wrote about how I’d been taking a shortcut in getting my blog posts out to meet my personal quota of one a day. And, that I’d been writing about things that weren’t forwarding my purpose of writing books to secure speaking engagements talking about the near future now. My New Book Project Today, […]

My Blog Shortcuts


You’d think after 916 blog posts that I’d have it all sorted. And, I haven’t. At the start of this year I made the public declaration that I was going to blog every single day this year. Today is 173 days in a row. We’re just under half way through the year. Pretty damn good […]

The Most Important Stories

The Most Important Stories

What’s the most important story of all? We’ve been sharing about stories lately and some extracts from one of our recent Book Rapper issues called The Long Tale. It’s derived from the eight stories from Valerie Khoo’s brilliant book Power Stories. We’ve previously shared a summary her book here. And, shared the extracts Your Business Story and What’s Your Calling? Plus, […]

Four Ways to Waste Time

Waste Time - hourglass

Time. Mmm… Important! Our lives are defined by the time we have from our birth and our death. And, the quality of our lives is determined by what we do in between. We don’t know if we have five days, five months or five decades left in our lives. Yet, despite this natural constraint, I often […]