The Most Important Stories

The Most Important Stories

What’s the most important story of all? We’ve been sharing about stories lately and some extracts from one of our recent Book Rapper issues called The Long Tale. It’s derived from the eight stories from Valerie Khoo’s brilliant book Power StoriesWe’ve previously shared a summary her book here. And, shared the extracts Your Business Story and What’s Your Calling? Plus, here’s a slideshow of our summary here.

Your Excellence Story

In a recent blog post Seth Godin captured it beautifully when he said:

The biggest cause of excellence is the story we tell ourselves about our work.

And, thus of all the stories we tell about our business, this is the most important story of all… Your story. Here are two aspects for you to consider.

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1 Your Inside Story

Who do you see yourself as? Are you a hero or villain, hard worker or slave driver, entrepreneur or leader? Your personal story shapes who you are right now and who you will become tomorrow. What are you saying to yourself? What’s your inside story?

2 Your Outside Story

And, what is your outside story? What is the story, brand or persona that you’re presenting to the world? Consider the past ten posts you shared online… What do they say about you? Are you being a poser or authentic? Being hopeful or helpful? Sharing enough or too little?

Remember to share the right story with the right people in the right way. Any story you tell is just a metaphor for your audience to see themselves. Ensure your story is easy to relate to.

QUESTION: What story are you telling to yourself? And, others?


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