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Power Stories

At Book Rapper we’ve been scouring the planet for great books. In particular, things that are essential to being successful in business. And, we think stories is one of those essential business tools.

Thus we’ve created: The Long Tale, How to use stories to build your brand, market with meaning & connect with your customers. It’s derived from Valeria Khoo’s Power Stories. We reviewed her book here.

Here’s a lightning summary of Valerie’s book… (If you want the full Book Rapper summary).

Power Stories by Valerie KhooThe Big Idea

To build an epic business you need to tell an epic story. Business is storytelling. It’s the essence of marketing, branding and connecting with your team, your suppliers and your customers. We don’t buy things we buy the stories we tell about the things we buy.

Speed RAP

There are 8 stories you need to tell, each with a different flavour, intent and style. Create stories for the why, what, when, how, who and what’s next of your business.

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The Eight Essential Business Stories

  1. Your Entrepreneur Story
  2. Your Passion Story
  3. Your Business Story
  4. Your Customers’ Story
  5. Your Pitch
  6. Your Product Story
  7. Your Leader’s Story
  8. Your Media Story

Your Challenge

Tell your story. Define who you are and where you’re headed. Craft your message to connect with your audience and share this everyday.

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