My New Old Book

Every New Product

Previously, I wrote about how I’d been taking a shortcut in getting my blog posts out to meet my personal quota of one a day. And, that I’d been writing about things that weren’t forwarding my purpose of writing books to secure speaking engagements talking about the near future now.

My New Book Project

Today, I’m sharing my new book project which is actually a very old book project. Way back in the late 1980s I was studying architecture and exploring how computer technology was going to change everything. I eventually published this as my third book Beyond the Electronic Drawing Board.

Then, in 2001 I updated this book and rewrote it for a general audience under the title The Seven Design Principles of Every New Product. The second version of the book in 2002 was renamed: Every New Thing. My new old book is an update these seven principles with current examples. And, this is what I’ll be blogging about in the near future.

What follows would not be out of place in any contemporary publication. And, I wrote this way back in 2002! Yes, 2002! Some of the language is a little stale and I’m thrilled to say the concepts are as sound as ever!

What is going on?

Cars that drive themselves. Refrigerators connected to the internet. Toilets that do the jobs of doctors. Clothes that play music.

What the #%@&?! is going on?

Technological change is running rampant and it is changing our lives like never before.

Information technology is bombarding us with an overload of data. Communications technology is destroying our privacy. Global media is eroding our traditional cultures. Electronic connections are making the world go faster and faster.

What are we to do in this maelstrom of change?

Awareness of what is going on is the first step to effective action.

Based upon 19 years of ongoing research, Geoffrey McDonald presents a simple 7 point framework for comprehending the driving forces behind today’s technological change.

Geoff also answers your most important questions about what is going on and where we might be headed.

Every New Thing

Would you like to invent new products and services to transform your industry and make your organisation the market leader?

In a business world of instantaneous communication, global competition and evaporating product life cycles, if you are not doing this you are probably losing your customers and may even be going out of business.

Netscape invented the first web browser but then stopped and disappeared. Atari were world leaders in computer games technology and no longer exist.

Alternatively, Apple Computers reinvented the computer with the iMac and saved their business. The Sony Walkman created a revolution in entertainment and launched the company in a new direction. 3M invent new products new markets every day.

What are you doing about inventing new things?

Based upon 19 years of ongoing research, Geoffrey McDonald presents a simple 7 point framework for you to re-invent your products and services to transform your market.

Geoff also answers your questions on where your industry is heading and the opportunities that may lie ahead.

PS: Did you notice I was even calling myself ‘Geoffrey’ way back then… LOL! And, the website is still running – with excerpts from this book and even my some of my paintings and sculptures.


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