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Archive | June, 2013

A Whole New Mind

How to Think Right Slideshow

Daniel Pink’s best selling book A Whole New Mind provides a simple and clear roadmap for building your career. He suggests that left brain skills are important and no longer enough. Instead, the world is swinging to the right. And, the right brain skills of empathy, design, symphony, play, stories and meaning are becoming increasingly…

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Manifesto - Inspire me!

How Sales Has Changed

I was recently asked by Brett Jarman and Jan Terkelsen from Self Employment Mastery to be interviewed for their podcast. Listen to the podcast here. For me, this was particularly interesting for two reasons… Meeting People Firstly, I’ve had a few chats with Brett on Twitter and we’ve never met face to face prior to…

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Power Stories by Valerie Khoo

Book Review: Power Stories

The Book Valerie Khoo Power Stories: The 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business John Wiley & Sons, Australia, 2013. PS: I bought my book last year, it was published in 2012, even though the books says 2013. Book Website The Big Idea Stories connect human beings. And, therefore connect customers…

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Seth Godin - I Get It!

How to Miss the Point in Only Three Words

I had a phone call today from David Austin. He’s heading up a super exciting project for starts up in Melbourne starting July 22. It’s called Smart Start City. I’m joining the program! Come along, it might just change your world! My Book Rapper Experience Anyway, our discussion lead to David referring to one of…

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Reading Books - My Passion!

What I’ve Been Reading – June

Given I write Book Rapper, a lot of people ask me, “What are you reading at the moment?” I thought I’d share my answer publicly. Here’s five books I’ve read recently… Micro Domination by Trevor Young This is a great book for any solo business person wanting to grow your personal brand. It’s filled with…

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Does Your Website Suck?

The Book Pete Kvist Why Most Websites Suck! – How to avoid the costly mistakes and discover the latest strategies to boost profits from your website. Sugoi Marketing, Cronulla, NSW, 2013 Book Website The Big Idea There’s a lot of misleading information about for creating your business website. This book points to the lies…

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