Does Your Website Suck?

The BookPete Kvist - Why Most Websites Suck!

Pete Kvist
Why Most Websites Suck! – How to avoid the costly mistakes and discover the latest strategies to boost profits from your website.

Sugoi Marketing, Cronulla, NSW, 2013

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The Big Idea

There’s a lot of misleading information about for creating your business website. This book points to the lies and makes a simple case for a simple business website that works.

Speed RAP

The way to create a website has changed dramatically in the past few years. Previously, we needed technical experts to create it for us and this typically cost big dollars. Today, there are low-cost and even free ways to create powerful business websites. And, best of all, because they’re known systems, the global outsourcing boom means you can access high quality help for minimal cost. If you’re paying thousands for your website you’re probably paying way too much.

Who is it For?

Business people
Anyone getting started with websites.
Anyone wanting to gain better results from their website.

Book Rapper Says…

A gem! The perfect introductory book for learning about and building an effective business website.

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