What I’ve Been Reading – June

Given I write Book Rapper, a lot of people ask me, “What are you reading at the moment?” I thought I’d share my answer publicly. Here’s five books I’ve read recently…

Micro Domination by Trevor Young

Micro Domination by Trevor Young

This is a great book for any solo business person wanting to grow your personal brand. It’s filled with high quality ideas and bountiful examples of what you need to do to leverage social media and content marketing. And, this very readable tome is written by one of Australia’s best micro mavens.

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Why Most Websites Suck! by Pete KvistWhy Most Websites Suck by Pete Kvist

This one’s also very readable and highly practical for anyone with any small business with a website. It points out some common mistakes and provides a checklist for improving your website and ultimately your business results.

I wrote a review about this book here. Expect a podcast interview with Pete on this blog soon.

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Power Stories by Valerie KhooPower Stories by Valerie Khoo

You could probably read this one in a matter of hours… It’s a quick, simple, practical guide written by the founder of the Sydney Writer’s Centre. And, best of all, you can start your eight must tell core stories immediately to build your business brand.

One sneaky thing about this book… I bought my copy last year and it was branded as being published in 2013. Naughty! A longer review here…

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Story Branding by Jim SignorelliStory Branding by Jim Signorelli

This story book is also about using stories to celebrate your business brand. The overall theme and model is great and I found this one became a slog to read after awhile. I’m thinking this one could have been either edited into a smaller book or fleshed out with a few more examples.

I preferred Power Stories.

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Key Person of Influence by Daniel PriestlyBecoming a Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestly

Another quick, valuable and easy read. This one is a different spin on the same topic as Micro Domination – how to become the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry. And, it’s written by the founder of Key Person of Influence the popular business training program.

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Love to know what you’ve been reading… Add a comment below.

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