What’s the Key to Having Followers?

Authentic: The Key to Having a Following

The Book

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones; Why should anyone be led by you – What it takes to be an authentic leader

The Big Idea

Most leadership research focuses on the internal qualities and traits of the person in charge. In contrast, when we focus on the relationship between the leader and their followers, what’s needed changes according to the current context and people involved. And, the prized qualities of what makes an effective leader also changes: To have a following you need to be authentic and real.

Speed RAP

Leadership is situational, non-hierarchical and relational. This means what is required by the leader alters as the situation and context changes. Also, leadership happens throughout an organisation and not just in the appointed roles. And, leadership is a relationship between two groups of people: those leading and those following.

Your Challenge

Stop being a plastic role-driven authority reliant on your position in a hierarchy to get things done. Start being the authentic leader within you. Be you! Be more of you! Let your foibles hang out and lead the way because of your relationship with your followers.

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