15 Things to Tweet About

Twittergy : Twitter StratgyOkay, you’re sitting in front of your computer or your smartphone or tablet is in your hand. Twitter is open on your browser and… now what? What are you going to tweet about? Here’s some thoughts to get you started…

1. What am I doing? : Your challenge is not to be literal and boring. Add some flavour and personality to your tweet.

2. What I’m thinking : Give us your opinion? A Rant or a rave! Was the book you read any good? Tell us why! Warning : If you’re tweeting on behalf of an organization, then be clear about whether it’s your opinion or the organizations!

3. What I’ve done : It’s a sneaky way to promote your activities and it’s another way of saying “What do you think of this?” It might prompt someone to ask “How did you do that?”

4. What’s making me laugh/cry? : Add some humour and emotion to your tweets, be entertaining as well as helpful.

5. Can you help me? : Start a discussion by asking a question. Like “What do I buy a 4 year old nephew for a birthday present?” Or, “Is Seth Godin’s Tribe worth reading?”

6. Picture this! : Whilst Twitter is a text only medium, you can link to pictures. Try Twitpic.com

7. Trouble! : Avoid the tweets that’ll get you in trouble. Rule of thumb: If you don’t want someone in particular to see what you’re posting, then don’t post it. Somehow, they always find out.

8. Tell us the news : Read your favourite paper and share a link.

9. Your First Tweet : Relax and enjoy your first tweet. It can be as simple as ‘Look out Twitter, here I am!’ or ‘My first tweet’.

10. Repeat it : Not all your followers are living in the same time zone. It’s okay to repeat your tweets every now and then.

11. Blog it! : Tell us about your last blog post? What’s it called and why should I read it?

12. Retweet : Get out of your own head and into the lives of your followers. Share their gold!

13. Reply : Start a conversation and direct message one of your followers, friends or fans.

14. Today’s Special : What unique about today? A birthday? A café: can promote today’s Menu Special.

15. Oops! : If you really need to, you can delete your tweet.


This is an excerpt from Book Rapper issue ‘Twittergy’. It’s derived from Joel Comm’s book Twitter Power.

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