11 Origin Story Examples – How to Tell Your Brand Story

11 Origin Story Examples - How to Tell Your Brand Story

Here are 11 Origin Story Examples to help you tell your brand story. Why you need an Origin Story Origin stories tell us how things began. Peter Parker became Spiderman when he was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. This game him superhuman strength and speed plus the ability to create a spider web and […]

How to Write a Book Like Seth Godin – 10 Writing Tips

How to write a book like Seth Godin

How to Write a Book Like Seth Godin How do you write a book like Seth Godin? Who? Seth Godin is one of the world’s top marketing experts and he’s written 22 best-selling books. If you want to write a book (a great book), here are ten writing tips you can learn from Seth Godin […]

How to Write Motivational Stories like Stephen King

Motivational Stories Motivational stories are crucial to our success in life and at work. As human beings, we live in language. And the primary way we do that is to tell stories. We tell stories to others, perhaps at bedtime or in meetings, and we tell stories to ourselves about how the world is and […]

Andrew Melville – The Weave

Andrew Melville is an Auckland based communications expert. He is a master storyteller and facilitator who has worked as a journalist, radio broadcaster, University lecturer and community leader. His life’s work has been all about bringing people together through clear communication, stories and working with the specific and unique aspects of culture. Andrew Melville Podcast […]

The Most Important Stories

The Most Important Stories

What’s the most important story of all? We’ve been sharing about stories lately and some extracts from one of our recent Book Rapper issues called The Long Tale. It’s derived from the eight stories from Valerie Khoo’s brilliant book Power Stories. We’ve previously shared a summary her book here. And, shared the extracts Your Business Story and What’s Your Calling? Plus, […]

The Power of Stories

Power of Stories

Every now and then I get a little obsessed and right now I’m obsessed with stories. I’ve been writing some more stories in my blog – notably my two most recent blog posts: How Fast Can You Change and When Was the Last Time You… I’ve also been reading books about Stories and in particular been […]

14 Marketing Trends for Thriving in the Digital Era

Meatball Sundae: Thriving in the Digital Marketing Era

        Marketing Trends Marketing trends emerge when the rules of marketing change. And marketing has changed have changed because of the new digital tools. That’s the blunt message from marketing guru Seth Godin in his best-selling book Meatball Sundae. (I summarized as the Book Rapper issue Marketing How-Now). Seth defines 14 marketing trends […]

Marketing Trend – Authentic Stories

Marketing Trend #9 - Authentic Stories

This is marketing trend #9 in a series of 14 marketing trends adapted from Seth Godin’s book Meatball Sundae. Previously in this series: Infinite Channels. Authentic Stories In the marketing days of old, businesses were easily able to tell us what they wanted us to hear using relatively few publication and broadcast sources. Generally, we […]

Transforming Stories

Why You Need Stories - Business Story

Walking and Talking I went for a walk today with my friend and colleague Mark Molony. Mark is a crisis worker, therapist, educator, facilitator and business coach. He’s the inspiration behind my recent celebration of 300 straight days of meditation – this was the direct result of attending one of his mindfulness programs. During our […]

Simple Stories and Good Coffee

Simple Stories, Great Coffee

Stories I’ve fallen in love with two things lately… If you’ve been reading this blog you might have noticed I have a ‘thing’ for stories at the moment. For a long while I dismissed them as a simple spin of the usual marketing spiel. Now, I’ve come to realize something different. They’re fundamental to human […]