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How to publish your thinking to spread the word and attract people to your idea.
Includes: Books, Podcasting, Content Marketing

Psy Gangham Style

Two Billion Views on YouTube

It appears that Gangham Style has broken YouTube! Well, er at least, broken the counter on YouTube. (Source: [Tweet “How Gangham style broke YouTube #howbigis2billion”] At last count, the official version of the Gangham video performed by South Korea’s Psy, had been seen by over 2.15 billion times. That’s equivalent to one-third of the…

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Hannah Morgan, The Infographic Resume

The Infographic Resume

Website Bio, Resumes and Linked In Recently, I wrote about how to write your website bio. In it I compared website bios to a resume and suggested they were a little different. Like almost everything there is always more than one way. And, a neat new way to present yourself either as a business person…

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Cover by Peter Mendelsund

Design a Great Book Cover in Two Steps

I’ve recently published my fifth book: What The #$%?! Is Going On? Naturally, I had to design a book cover. That’s the image on the top of this blog post. Unfortunately, a week after publishing this book I discovered a great book at the local library on… yep, you guessed it, How to Design Book…

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Ideas Architect Podcast

Lessons from Podcasting

What does it take to put a podcast show together? What are the emerging trends for podcasting? And, what tools and work flow do you need to make your show happen? Our Topic This is episode #50 of the Ideas Architect podcast. Yeehar! And, given it’s a milestone issue we thought it would be a…

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Message Match

The Secret to Creating Message Envy

Message Envy As the Ideas Architect I spend a lot of time looking at the communication of ideas. You could say I’m obsessed. I’m constantly checking out signs, advertising, labels, book covers, blogs and more to see what and how they organize and share their message. Mostly, I’m highly critical. I don’t mean negative, I…

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Stuart Harris

Content Marketing: The New Way to Sell

Are your sales floundering? It might be that you’re selling in a way that no longer works. In this podcast episode we talk about the new way to sell using Content Marketing and Social Media.. It’s a recent interview with Stuart Harris on his Online Effectiveness show. For me, it was the first time I’d…

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Yes - Persuasion by Goldstein, Martin and Cialdini

A Book of Posts

This is the sixth and final article in a series of How to Turn Your Blog Posts into Books. Here’s the first article that introduced the idea. Here’s the second article on simply sticking a title and a cover on your posts. Here’s the third article on choosing blog categories. Here’s the fourth article on…

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