Best Books Infographic – 2014

Best Books of 2014

What are the best business books of 2014? A best books infographic is my way of summarizing the best books I’ve read in 2014. What are the best business books you’ve read recently? Each year, I read a lot of books. In 2014, I read 49 books in total. They’re almost all non-fiction and relate […]

Presenting Data

Darren Hill

Best ever TED Videos What’s your favorite TED video? Here’s one of my favorites… You may have seen it… It’s been seen over nine million times and it’s listed as one of the TED Classics. It’s by Hans Rosling. It’s called ‘The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen’. Bold title! I love this TED video because […]

Business Infographic – Icons

Business Infographic - Icon

Promote Your Business How are you presenting yourself and your business? Based on some client requests I’ve started to explore the business one-pager in the form of a business infographic. Previously, I published an infographic resume and a business infographic. Today, here’s a similar and different style of business infographic. Whilst the information in our […]

How to Create Your Business Infographic

Geoff McDonald - Ideas Architect - Business Infographic

Promoting Your Business How do you best present yourself and your business? Not so long ago we relied on printed brochures – the glossier the better. Then along came the web and we all created our own websites as the be-all and end-all of promotional devices. Not so. Social media has arrived and this has […]

The Infographic Resume

Hannah Morgan, The Infographic Resume

Website Bio, Resumes and Linked In Recently, I wrote about how to write your website bio. In it I compared website bios to a resume and suggested they were a little different. Like almost everything there is always more than one way. And, a neat new way to present yourself either as a business person […]