Best Books Infographic – 2014

What are the best business books of 2014?

A best books infographic is my way of summarizing the best books I’ve read in 2014.

What are the best business books you’ve read recently? Each year, I read a lot of books. In 2014, I read 49 books in total. They’re almost all non-fiction and relate to business in some way. And here I’ve selected my top ten and I share them as both a slideshow and a downloadable infographic. They are also available via a podcast and as a written blog post.

And I’ve rated them on whether they are:

  • Personal – will they help you grow yourself?
  • Business – will they help you grow your business?
  • Practical – do they provide specific actions for you to take?
  • Inspiration – are they inspiring?
  • Easy Read – are they easy to read or more of a challenge?
  • Insightful – are they presenting new or insightful ideas and information?
  • Big picture – are they pointing to a big trend?
  • Productivity – do they help you get more done in less time?

The List – best books for 2014

In order from #10 to #1, here are my top ten books for 2014

  • Todd Henry, Die Empty
  • Dr Jason Fox, The Game Changer
  • Marcus Buckingham, Now Discover Your Strengths
  • Hannah Morgan, The Infographic Resume
  • Brene Brown, Daring Greatly
  • Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human
  • Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro
  • Sebastian Terry, 100 Things
  • Tim Brown, Change by Design
  • Adam Grant, Give and Take

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Best Books Infographic

Here is the 2014 Best Books Infographic – Download the infographic here.

Best Books 2014 - Infographic

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