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How are you presenting yourself and your business?

Based on some client requests I’ve started to explore the business one-pager in the form of a business infographic.

Previously, I published an infographic resume and a business infographic.

Today, here’s a similar and different style of business infographic. Whilst the information in our previous example is similar, this story uses a bunch of icons to present the message in a new way.

There are three major changes in this design that are typical of infographics:

  • Tall Portraits
  • Icons not Words
  • No Data

Geoff McDonald Business Infographic

Tall Portraits

Due to the design of our digital pages and devices it’s much easier to scroll down a page than it is to scroll horizontally across. This means that larger images, like infographics are better suited to being tall portraits rather than wide landscapes.

Another advantage of the tall portrait format is that an image can be shown at a larger scale when fitting into the columns of your WordPress site or even on Pinterest. 800 pixels deep simply fits better than 800 wide.

Icons not Words

Our previous example had a big chunk of words on it. Whilst there are no real rules about how many is too many, generally infographics don’t have blocks of text.

In this version we’ve replaced the words with icons and a lot less words. This makes it much quicker and easier to scan an infographic – which is the whole point! Plus, the visuals give more personality to the overall design.

Also, you’ll notice we’ve used a word cloud. I consider this to be an in-between device – part words and part image.

No Data

Infographics originally grew out of data visualizations. For instance, a graph visually displays the trend of the data more effectively than a spreadsheet of numbers.

In this example, there is no data being presented. Instead, this example is a marketing story that addresses a particular audience and suggests this is the key problem and the probable solution.

Download a pdf of this business infographic


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