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Daniel Pink - To Sell is Human

Seven Pitch Techniques

I love Dan Pink’s work. I’ve read all five of his books and rapped two of them over at Book Rapper. And, today we draw from his most recent book: To Sell is Human. The Pitch A pitch is a persuasive message. As Pink suggests, a pitch is not about completing a sale. Instead, its…

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My New Old Book

Previously, I wrote about how I’d been taking a shortcut in getting my blog posts out to meet my personal quota of one a day. And, that I’d been writing about things that weren’t forwarding my purpose of writing books to secure speaking engagements talking about the near future now. My New Book Project Today,…

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My Blog Shortcuts

You’d think after 916 blog posts that I’d have it all sorted. And, I haven’t. At the start of this year I made the public declaration that I was going to blog every single day this year. Today is 173 days in a row. We’re just under half way through the year. Pretty damn good…

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Waste Time - hourglass

Four Ways to Waste Time

Time. Mmm… Important! Our lives are defined by the time we have from our birth and our death. And, the quality of our lives is determined by what we do in between. We don’t know if we have five days, five months or five decades left in our lives. Yet, despite this natural constraint, I often…

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Compact Disc

When was the last time you…

Yesterday I reflected on how quickly things can change. In particular I wrote about the swings in my emotions and my finances over a short period of time. Today I want to reflect on how quickly things can change in terms of the technology and systems we use in our daily lives and the business…

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How Fast Can You Change?

It’s been an interesting week. One week ago had you asked me ‘How’s business?’ I would have said ‘Things are looking up and the best they’ve been looking for 18 months.’ I had 4 projects on the boil. I was excited. And, within a matter of days, everything changed. Whilst one smaller project came through,…

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Creating Products - Gifted

What’s Your Gift?

I love to play with words. And, I love phrases that have a double meaning. ‘What’s your gift?’ is one example. I suspect most people will read this as ‘I have a gift or a super power…’ That might be so. And, I want to point to the other way to answer this question. When…

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Keep Calm and Stop Making Excuses

What’s Your Excuse?

Previously, we talked about flag design as inspired by Roman Mars from my #1 favourite podcast 99% Invisible. It sparked several posts and I even designed my own flag as a result. Today, I’m reflecting on a post from my #2 favourite podcast: The Primal Blueprint Podcast by Mark Sisson. I love the content –…

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Decentralized Organization Examples

Top Ten Blog Posts

I’ve now published 894 blog posts. And, I thought it was worth sharing some of the most popular ones. Here are the top ten most popular blog posts on my site. My Top Ten Blog Posts Examples of Centralized and Decentralized Organisations Ten Famous Manifestos How to Write Your Manifesto in Two Steps The Manifesto…

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Business Collections

Business Collections

Collecting Autographs When I was growing up I was never really into stamps. loved the footy. I played it at school, played it after school and played it on the weekend. I even was lucky enough that my Dad took me to watch my beloved Geelong Cats when they played at home. We used to…

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