What’s Your Excuse?

Previously, we talked about flag design as inspired by Roman Mars from my #1 favourite podcast 99% Invisible. It sparked several posts and I even designed my own flag as a result.

Today, I’m reflecting on a post from my #2 favourite podcast: The Primal Blueprint Podcast by Mark Sisson. I love the content – it’s all about being super healthy and giving your genes the best chance to express themselves in a powerful way. And, I’ve also modeled the way I do my own podcast on the expressive tones of Brock the Grok Armstrong who turns Mark’s blog posts into podcasts.

Keep Calm and Stop Making Excuses

Excuses for Exercise

In particular I want to share one of Mark’s recent episodes called Perfect Conditions. The full title of the post is: The Myth of Perfect Conditions – Nine Common Excuses to Delay Exercise.

If you’re interested in exercise then go straight to Mark’s blog post for a more tailored discussion of what might be stopping you or slowing you down from exercising more and having your desired body and health.

Alternatively, if you’re not producing the results you want in business then read on…

Image: The Keep Calm-O-Matic

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Excuses for Business

Here I want to share Mark Sisson’s nine common excuses for exercise as they might apply to your business:

  1. Equipment – when I have that new computer, laptop, smartphone, software, car… Are you blaming your lack of tools for your success?
  2. Time – when I have more time I’ll write that book, update my website, start blogging, join that organization… Are you blaming a lack of time for your success?
  3. Energy – when I have more energy I’ll watch less TV, take on that project, work harder, exercise more… Are you blaming a lack of energy for your success?
  4. Health – when I become 100% well I’ll employ a VA, form some partnerships, cram more into my day, update my website photo… Are you blaming your health for your success?
  5. Food – when I start eating well I’ll be able to have more energy to work harder to take on more client work to earn more money… Are you letting bad food habits stop you from succeeding?
  6. Money – when I have enough money I’ll be able to create that product, launch that online program, buy that equipment, employ a VA… It’s kind of ironic that we blame money for our lack of progress in business when earning money is the precise reason we are in business!
  7. Weather – when it’s not so hot, not so cold, not so windy, not so rainy then I’ll get out and meet more people and grow my business. Are you letting the weather run your business?
  8. Sleep – when you have a great night sleep and you feel fully rested and recovered I’ll have more energy to take on all the tasks I want to… Are you letting a lack of sleep slow your business growth?
  9. Lifestyle – when the children are sleeping well, when the children are at school, when the children have left school, when the children have left home… Are you letting some part of your lifestyle hold you back in business?

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What’s Your Excuse?

What perfect conditions are you waiting for? I know there are few on this that I’ve been using as excuses… Which ones are your crutches for not building your ideal business?


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