3 Things Every Business Must Build

Three Types of Capital

What are you building? It might seem like we are all building completely different businesses. You might be a trainer, I might be a coach and others might be running retail stores or affiliate marketing campaigns. And, whilst they are different businesses in lots of ways there are three things that every business must build […]

When is it OK to work for Free?

Money tree - when is it ok to work for free?

When should you work for free? That can be a tricky question to answer sometimes… We discuss the pros and cons of working for free across eleven different scenarios. (Also available as a podcast episode to listen to – link at the bottom of this page)) [Updated 1 March 2022 – Podcast link added] Recently, […]

Your Business Reach

Seth Godin

Why I read Seth’s Blog Seth Godin writes one of the most popular blogs on the planet. He’s the only blogger that I read every post from. This comes down to three things: His posts are usually short and sweet – around 100 words in length They usually offer some interesting insights. Seth clearly looks […]

Seven Small Business Rules for Solo Operators

Seven Small Business Rules Small Business Rules! I love running my own business. But it’s not always easy. It’s tough being in business. Especially when you are a solo operator and you’re doing everything. While there is always more to do, that’s not the hardest point. Instead, the real challenge is knowing what to do. […]

When You Are Your Business, Part 2

Mind The Gap

Previously we shared three rules for business that are different for when you are your business. Today, we offer four more rules for you to consider if you are a solopreneur, individual business expert or personal consultant. Your business lives in your head Are you finding it hard to switch off? Always checking your email? […]

When You Are Your Business

Mind the Gap

The Solo Business Gap Have you fallen into the gap? I read a lot of books… the usual range of business stuff on marketing, branding, strategy and a whole lot more. Also, I work with individual business experts and I run my own business as a solo operator. When I link these two activities I […]

How to become a Professional Speaker

Sam Cawthorn

Professional Speaker A couple of days ago I hinted at making a change in my career direction. One aspect I want to do more of is presenting from stage and earning money as a professional speaker. I have done my share of public speaking and I’ve never deliberately pursued presentations as a consistent business activity. […]

Michelle Bowden: Be the Expert in Your Field

Michelle Bowden

Michelle Bowden is Australia’s top Presentation Skills Trainer. Here she talks about how she built her business over the past 20 years to be the number one expert in her field. This is episode 031 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Michelle Bowden Michelle Bowden is an expert in presentation skills and in particular […]

Content Marketing Strategy: Six Ways to Make Money

Make Money From Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy – Six Business Models to make money from your content. Episode 018 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Content Marketing Strategy Creating and sharing your expertise through Content Marketing is the new way to attract your ideal customers. It’s low cost or no cost, positions you as the expert and it […]

The Great Business Model Mistake

Great Business Model Mistake

One of the most popular questions or concerns that I’m hearing from my coaching clients at the moment, (I work with individual experts including consultants, coaches, speakers and trainers) is around their business model… What is the best way to organize how you do what you do so that you can earn a reasonable amount […]