Taruni Falconer – Cross-Cultural Leadership Habits

Taruni Falconer Cross-cultural communication expert Taruni Falconer helps people work in other cultures or come to Australasia. Her role is to help them navigate their new cultural landscape and work settings. Effectively, Taruni Falconer is a Habits Coach. She helps leaders communicate effectively in high-stakes situations and teach them how to develop powerful habits and […]

Geoff McDonald – The Ideas Architect

Geoff McDonald: The Ideas Architect In this special 100th episode we turn the tables as Suzanne Mercier interviews The Ideas Architect himself Geoff McDonald – we talk about podcasting, board games, Book Rapper, Project Passion and purpose. The Ideas Architect Podcast In Episode 100 of The Ideas Architect Podcast we discuss: Why I created The […]

Brett Jarman – Expert Leverage with Teams, Systems, Content

Brett Jarman Brett Jarman from Help Me Leverage talks about two powerful ways to Expert Leverage so you can earn more and work less: Build systems to automate your actions; and Build teams to leverage your time. Brett Jarman’s business helps high-value experts, produce, promote and monetize their content. His niche area is a business […]

Project Passion: Inner Goals Over Outer Goals

Goal Setting

Inner Goals One of the reasons that we fail to complete our projects is that we focus on inner goals and not outer goals. Have you ever considered that you might be working on the wrong goal? And, I don’t mean writing a book versus getting a new job. Heidi Grant Halvorson is a social psychologist […]