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Archive | December, 2014

Best Books of 2014

Ten Best Books of 2014

If you’d rather listen to this article you can grab our podcast episode here. Our infographic of these best books is here. The Best Books I’ve Read This Year Each year for the past 12 years I’ve aimed to read 50 books. And, every year except one I’ve read at least 40 books. So far…

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Ideas Architect Podcast

Best Books of 2014 – Podcast

Our Topic What are the best books you’ve read in 2014? Each year for the past 12 years I’ve read between 40-50 books a year (except one year when I only read 30+ books). So far this year I’ve read 49 books. And, this sparks the obvious question: which ones are the best books I’ve…

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Darren Hill

Presenting Data

Best ever TED Videos What’s your favorite TED video? Here’s one of my favorites… You may have seen it… It’s been seen over nine million times and it’s listed as one of the TED Classics. It’s by Hans Rosling. It’s called ‘The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen’. Bold title! I love this TED video because…

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Business Infographic - Icon

Business Infographic – Icons

Promote Your Business How are you presenting yourself and your business? Based on some client requests I’ve started to explore the business one-pager in the form of a business infographic. Previously, I published an infographic resume and a business infographic. Today, here’s a similar and different style of business infographic. Whilst the information in our…

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David Christian - TED Talk

Create and Share BIG Ideas

The History of the World This Video is rated by TED itself as one of “11 Must-see TED talks”. High praise indeed! It’s by Australian Historian David Christian and it’s dramatically called “The history of our world in 18 minutes”. If you’re interested in BIG history, astronomy, chemistry, physics and biology you’ll love this talk.…

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Apple - Magic Mouse

Design Stories

The allure of this TED talk by Yves Behar ‘Designing Objects That Tell Stories’ is that it brings together two powerful threads for me: Design is my lifelong passion Stories are my current focus This video is really a showcase of Yves Behar’s design work upto 2008 (The talk was presented February 2008). And, there…

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Psy Gangham Style

Two Billion Views on YouTube

It appears that Gangham Style has broken YouTube! Well, er at least, broken the counter on YouTube. (Source: [Tweet “How Gangham style broke YouTube #howbigis2billion”] At last count, the official version of the Gangham video performed by South Korea’s Psy, had been seen by over 2.15 billion times. That’s equivalent to one-third of the…

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