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Archive | March, 2014

Book Rapper Leadership Course

World Class Leader

Geoff McDonald discusses what it takes to be a world class leader based on nine of the best leadership books ever written. This is episode 032 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: World Class Leader How effective are you as a leader? There are two distinct parts to this question. How well do you…

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Sam Cawthorn

How to become a Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker A couple of days ago I hinted at making a change in my career direction. One aspect I want to do more of is presenting from stage and earning money as a professional speaker. I have done my share of public speaking and I’ve never deliberately pursued presentations as a consistent business activity.…

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First Law of Performance

Review Your Performance

Review Your Work Do you ever stop and review how far you’ve come? Recently, I’ve updated a few old issues of Book Rapper for a client. When I say old, they were done 3-4 years ago. Seems like forever! Basically, I was converting the read rap or the pdf into a set of slides, a…

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Crowds and Brands

The One Thing Every Brand Needs

Crowds I was flicking through some magazines at the local library today and came across National Geographic. Usually, I only see this visually beautiful magazine at the dentist when they’re a few years old. Anyway, in flicking through a recent issue (February 2014), I came across a very interesting article about crowds. The article Karma…

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Customer Survey

10 Things I Learnt From My Customers

Recently I surveyed my customers using Survey Monkey to find out what the major issues in their businesses are. Here’s the top 10 things I learnt from their responses. 1: Time The biggest frustration for most business owners revolves around time. Half of the people that responded to our survey said the lack of time,…

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Red Dog - The Movie

A Change of Direction

Red Dog Change can be a funny thing. I was watching the Australian movie Red Dog the other night when it was on the telly. It’s based on a true story of a dog that wanders around the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The dog is a friend to everyone and a servant to no…

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Dejal - Time Out

Time out: Tools for Rest and Recovery

Tools for Taking a Break Previously I mentioned an article by Chris Kresser about sitting as the new smoking. In this article, Chris mentions a number of ways to break up your work to avoid sitting down all day. One of the tools he mentions is called Time Out by Dejal. It’s a freeware app…

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Ultimate Work - Dragon Dictate

Ultimate Work Fantasy

Smoking is the New Sitting Previously I proudly boasted about having written and published 650 blog posts. And whilst I’m a reasonably quick typist, this took a lot of hard work sitting at my computer tapping away. And, whilst I used to think sitting at my desk for long periods of time was a badge…

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