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Archive | April, 2013

How to Become the Apple of Your Industry

This slideshow is derived from the Book Rapper version of John Edson’s fabulous book: Design Like Apple – Seven Principles for Creating Insanely Great Products Services and Experiences. Your challenge is to take these principles and become the Apple of your industry.   How to Become the Apple of Your Industry from Geoff McDonald

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Book Review: The Impact Equation

The Book Chris Brogan and Julien Smith The Impact Equation: Are you making things happen or just making noise? Portfolio, Penguin; London 2012. The Big Idea Having a big idea is not enough. It needs to create impact. And, to do this you need a combination of the following ingredients: C x (R+E+A+T+E). In other words…

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The Key to Brand Success

After a rough start, my day got better. And, then… crash, bang, dddddiiiiiii, booooommp… I finished the night sleeping in a bathroom! Earlier I spoke about my bad day and the three simple things to do to create a great brand. Now, to add a powerful extra chunk… When I book a flight I expect to fly. When…

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Gary Vaynerchuk on Content Marketing

Here’s a short sharp video from Gary V on Content Marketing…   A couple of key points to reinforce: Marketing is changing. Content is King. Content is a commodity. Quality matters. Solve your customers’ problems. Whilst, this is a high quality production that rivals mass media TV, when we say ‘quality content’, we’re not talking…

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How Content Marketing Works

Previously, we defined ‘What is Content Marketing?‘ Now, let’s see how it all works with an example. Google Search Recently, my voice recorder started to rattle. And, it eventually stopped working. This meant I had to buy another one. Where do I start? Naturally, I went to Google and searched for ‘Voice recorders’. As I typed it…

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What is Content Marketing?

It seems that everyone is talking about content and content marketing. Here’s my take on what these terms mean and how you can use them to leverage your business. What is Content? Let’s start with defining content… Content is the words and images that you’re reading right now. In books, it’s the action between the…

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