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Archive | April, 2011

52 Ways To Share Your Manifesto

Once you’ve written your manifesto, what next? Here’s 52 suggestions to get you thinking… If you’re really keen, implement one a week to keep you busy all year! 52 Things To Do With Your Manifesto Get it designed! (most of the following will work better if you do this first!) Put it on your website…

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Four Ways to Make Your Manifesto Visually Appealing

What does a manifesto look like? Traditionally, it was a literal manuscript presented in the hand of the author who penned it. Today, we have computers and multimedia. Presenting your manifesto so it’s visually engaging and interesting is a crucial part of sharing and spreading your idea. Here’s four ways to design your manifesto so…

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15 Famous Manifestos We’d Like to See

What change would you like to see? Here’s a list of 15 famous manifestos we’d like to see… 1 Healthy Food for Healthy Profits The truth about what’s in our food and who’s making money from cutting corners. Mmm… Healthy Profits… 2 Wikileaks for Corporates A manifesto for transparency in the corporate world. 3 The…

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Yvonne Rainer: The No Manifesto

Manifestos often pop up in the arts as the means to draw a line in the sand. They intend to end one expression and launch another. In dance, Yvonne Rainer pioneered a push to reduce dance to its essential elements. She wanted to strip away the unwanted drama and and expression that had been the…

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