52 Ways To Share Your Manifesto

Manifesto Postcard

Once you’ve written your manifesto, what next? Here’s 52 suggestions to get you thinking…

If you’re really keen, implement one a week to keep you busy all year!

52 Things To Do With Your Manifesto

  1. Get it designed! (most of the following will work better if you do this first!)
  2. Put it on your website
  3. Add it to the back of your business card
  4. Print it on a t-shirt – wear it with pride!
  5. Use it in all your presentations
  6. Blog about it
  7. Get someone else to blog about it
  8. Create your own postcard and mail it out.
  9. Build a Facebook page about it
  10. Create a Ning community around it
  11. Create a training program based on it.
  12. Make it a signature piece in your keynote
  13. Do a video rant about it.
  14. Add it to your email signature – a short version…
  15. Make a slideshow of your manifesto
  16. Put it on your coffee mug
  17. Make it a poster and stick it on your wall
  18. Write a quality standard based on it
  19. Make it into a screensaver reminder
  20. Print it as a magnet and stick it on your fridge
  21. Write it with lipstick on your bathroom mirror
  22. Put it on a calendar and live it all year
  23. Talk about it with everyone you meet
  24. Plaster your car with it
  25. Create a one-page flyer and hand it out
  26. Write a book about your manifesto
  27. Design a board game around it
  28. Print it as a greeting card and send it to friends
  29. Schedule a reminder in your calendar – to remind you!
  30. Create an iPhone/iPad/Android App for it
  31. Get it tattooed to your chest/arm/leg
  32. Create cartoons about your manifesto
  33. Make it a work of art
  34. Invent ways to live your manifesto every day
  35. Tweet about your manifesto.
  36. Replace your Mission Statement with it
  37. Turn your manifesto into song
  38. Use your manifesto to secure media coverage
  39. Create a unique font for your manifesto
  40. Make a movie about it
  41. Rap your manifesto!
  42. Create a project to fulfil your manifesto
  43. Invite people to a meetup to discuss it
  44. Define rituals to remind of of it daily
  45. Run a conference based on your manifesto
  46. Design software based on its principles
  47. Produce a Flickr group of photos reflecting your manifesto
  48. Publish a magazine article about it
  49. Use it in your advertisements
  50. Create a cool infographic about your manifesto
  51. Send it to ManifestoProject.com.au
  52. Do what you manifesto says to do

What else would you add to this list?

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