The Key To Creating a Campaign for Your Manifesto

Concrete and Specific

Manifestos command presence. And, one powerful way to do this is to create a campaign, a project or a crusade.

Having a campaign brings your manifesto to life.

It also gives you access to change the world. You can’t do that by yourself and you can move mountains when you work with others.

Creating a campaign creates a beacon for inviting, cajoling and enrolling people to join your cause.

The single most important thing about your campaign is to make it specific and measurable.

There are two reasons to make it specific and measurable:

1 For You

You need to know if you’re fulfilling your purpose, dream and manifesto.

For instance, the Manifesto Project has the goal of creating 1000 manifestos. Specific and Measurable.

2 For Others

You need concrete ways for people to join in your quest and for them to know they are contributing in a potent way.

For instance, you can contribute to the Manifesto Project by writing and sharing your manifesto. Specific and Measurable.


Bring your manifesto to life by making it concrete. Turn it into a specific and measurable campaign.


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